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Leaving a pet at home while you travel can be stressful for both you and your dog. LexiDog Boarding can help relieve some of this stress and help you focus more on your trip. Meanwhile, your dog enjoys their own vacation! They'll spend the day in the Social Club, where they'll exercise and play in a supervised environment with other dogs. At night, they will retire to their own room or crate. Our small overnight groups of boarders give your dog personalized attention to make their stay the best it can be.

Lodging Fees

Private Room
Shared Room (2 Dogs)
Add a Bath on day of pickup
Stays over 5 nights
10% off

Checking Out

Check Out Time
10 am

Please note

· All dogs staying overnight need to pass our daycare assessment prior to their first overnight stay, so they can enjoy a day of play with other dogs before retiring to their room each evening.

· We recommend bringing your dog in for daycare prior to any overnight visits. Dogs that are familiar with our daycare and enjoy playtime will have the best experience lodging with us.

· To ensure the most enjoyable stay for your dog, please spend a few moments filling out your dog's "Lodging Preferences" before EACH stay. This includes noting feeding amounts and schedules as well as any necessary medications.

· Overnight guests must be picked up before 10 a.m. the following day to avoid paying daycare fees for that day.

· A credit card is required to make your reservation. Lodging fees will be charged for no shows, or cancellations not made at least 48 hours in advance.

· Check in before 4pm so that your dog can enjoy daycare & dinner and make the most of their stay.